George Wood standing as North Shore Ward councillor under C&R banner


Dear Fellow Residents, 

The Auckland region is fast approaching change, in our local government, that will have huge implications for this the long-term well being of our community.  Get things right and I believe that the Auckland region will go from strength to strength.  Fail to keep strict control and the changes could get right out of control.  

I am therefore using my nine years experience as a mayor and stand for a councillor position on the new Auckland council representing the North Shore ward.  I am standing under the banner of the Citizens and Ratepayers (C&R), North Shore organisation.

As a Super City councillor I will:

·        Demand full transparency of council meetings and activities.  Council has legal requirements under the Local Government Act to conduct business with openness and public input – that hasn’t been happening. I will change the current “closed-doors” policies.

·        Use my extensive experience to advocate strongly for North Shore;

·        Build partnerships and extend existing relationships with the new mayor and other councillors;

·        Ensure that North Shore’s voice is heard loud & clear;

·        Work to ensure that current high standards enjoyed by North Shore residents are not lost;

·        Scrutinise council spending and ensure every dollar taken in council rates is affordable & essential;

·        Push to implement the Royal Commission’s recommendations to build closer relationships with Government agencies;

·        End adhoc decision-making and work towards following a planned approach for Auckland’s future;

·        Continue the upgrade of North Shore’s wastewater and storm water systems; and

·        Achieve better value from the $143.4 million annual public transport subsidies.


 I am passionate about this job, our region and it’s future and I most certainly want to continue to provide service to our community.  I ask for your support.


Your vote for me as councillor is important.  The future of the new Auckland city depends on it.

Kind regards,


George Wood


Contact George at Home:  54 Grenada Avenue, Forrest Hill 0620

Telephone: 09 410 7134 or 021 1415167




Authorised by: George Wood, 54 Grenada Avenue, Forrest Hill 0620